Composting and the Domino Effect

About 33% of all household waste is food waste that can be diverted from the landfills and composted to make a rich soil amendment that improves the health of the soil.

By simply having your food waste composted using Earth Stew Composting Services you enact the permaculture concepts and create a positive domino effect for yourself, the environment and community.

Care for the Earth
          reduce landfill use
             reduce greenhouse gas
                 reduces compost miles - compost is made within miles of your home
                      reduce/replaces chemical fertilizers
                          improves the soil
                              improves water retention in the soil

Care for the People
         supports local agriculture (backyard gardens, local farms)
              healthy soil = healthy plants (food and aesthetics)
                   supports job creation
                       supports the Central Wisconsin Center for the Developmentally Disabled

Share the Bounty
            donate your compost to local School Garden Project
                 share your compost with family and/or neighbor