• We use recycled 4 and 5-gallon buckets. Households receive 1 bucket (4 or 5 gallon). Additional containers are $3.00 per collection.


  • We supply you with a reusable bag filled with shredded cardboard to manage odors. These bags are made especially for Earth Stew in Wales, WI (Waukesha County).


  • Our service makes it easy to compost without the hassles of management and toil.
  • You become part of the growing movement that is spreading across the U.S. as people are demanding an alternative method of handling food waste besides tossing it out with the trash.
  • You support the local community and help provide jobs.
  • You support the Central Wisconsin Center here in Madison.
  • After using our services for 6 months, you are entitled to receive finished compost.
  • For every 70 pounds of food waste, we collect from your household you receive 5 pounds of vermicompost.
  • Distribution is in the Spring.

Schedules, Fees, and Payment Options

  • Schedules


    There are three collection schedules:

    • Weekly
    • Bi-weekly (every two weeks)
    • Once a month

    Not quite sure which schedule is best?

    You can try one schedule and change it if necessary.

  • Winter Composting

    Winter Composting

    We also offer seasonal collection. If you like to compost during the three seasons, but do not enjoy trudging out to the bin during the cold winter you can sign up for winter service starting the 1st of October through the end of March.

    To receive finished vermicompost, you will need to sign up for the full six months.

  • Fees


    Weekly – $34.00/mo.
    Bi-weekly – $21.00/mo.
    (every two weeks)
    Once a month – $15.00/mo.

Payment Options

Once you have signed up, you will be contacted within 48 hours to make arrangements to drop off your bucket.


It is actually more convenient than saving my own kitchen waste – regular pick-up, large and clean bucket, no trudging out to the backyard to empty it.
Sue P.

Being an apartment dweller with little space to create or utilize compost, I appreciate the convenient service offered by Earth Stew that enables me to dispose of my food waste responsibly without adding it to a landfill.
Jill R.